Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Homemaking 101 Review

Today I am going to be sharing about one of my favorite resources for homemaking and the role of a homemaker.

Last summer I ordered the Homemaking 101 DVD after I had been eyeing it up for several months. I had seen it recommended by several bloggers and I had also seen the trailer for it as well.
This DVD is done by the writer of The Focused Homemaker, Jennifer Ross and her family. I have enjoyed reading her blog for some time now and have learned so much from doing so. I figured since this DVD was made by the Ross family it had to be good since her blog is so encouraging. Well, this DVD was excellent!! :) Homemaking 101 offers much when it comes to practical tips and ideas about homemaking and keeping a home. More than that, the encouragement was outstanding and very appreciated. As a stay at home daughter, Homemaking 101 was a great reminder that the role that I am preparing for is well worth the effort of doing so. It is a great pick-me-up when so often we hear nothing but discouragement about being a homemaker.

From the back cover of the DVD.......

"Be inspired and encouraged as you learn a variety of basic homemaking skills with hostess, wife and mother Jennifer Ross.

The first in this series, Homemaking 101, teaches the Christian wife a wide range of skills, such as how to cook and clean, organize and manage, budget and pay bills, be a blessing to your husband, offer hospitality and much more. Brimming with encouragement and Biblical instruction.
Be blessed by sitting at the feet of an older, Titus 2 woman, Janet Crowl, as she joins in and shares her heart, thoughts and vision throughout the entire film."

Just some of the wisdom from Homemaking 101....

"There is no higher calling than being the queen of your home. A woman needs to be in her home."
"Genesis 2:18 says that we were made for our husbands, that it wasn't good for them to be alone. We were created to be helpmeets for them, someone to come alongside and help with whatever they need."

"Making your bed each morning will inspire you to keep the rest of the room neat and tidy." ---this is so true! :)

"Being a keeper at home is where the Lord wants you and more than that, if we're not keepers at home, we're in danger of blaspheming the Word of God."

"What about working outside of the home? There are women that think that they're not complete unless they have a career and that is a lie of the devil."

"You either live by the Bible or you live by the world, and if you try to mix the two, you're going to fall off into a ditch somewhere."

"Is outside ministry more important? No. This is a ministry. Your greatest mission is in your home-- there are lives that need to be saved in your home."

If you have not seen Homemaking 101 you need to see it!! And soon :) The encouragement and vision from Jennifer Ross will have you rejoicing and delighting in your role in no time-- whether you are a stay at home daughter, wife, mother, homemaker and helpmeet.

If you have not ever visited The Focused Homemaker, you should check it out. This is one of my most favorite blogs and I always learn so much when I visit there.

The best news?? There is another Homemaking DVD coming out!! And I am anxiously and excitedly awaiting it's release. I know that these DVDs will be something that I will use and watch many times in the future. They will be a great help and resource when I have a family of my own one day.

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